Ceramic Dental Crowns London, ON


When a tooth is structurally compromised either through fracture, or decay, the proper way to bring the tooth back into function is by covering it with a crown. Basically the outside layer of the tooth (the broken enamel) is removed and replaced by a unit (the crown) that rebuilds the tooth to it’s original shape and size. There is a standard of care in Ontario that all the posterior teeth that had root canal treatment should receive a crown, to prevent fracturing of the tooth.

There are several materials that the dentist can use for a dental crown: ceramic, gold alloy, ceramic supported by a metal infrastructure or a zirconia type of material. Most of our patients will benefit from the ceramic crowns produced on the spot with our CEREC machine. This way we are able to avoid multiple visits and the inconvenience of having a temporary crown for two weeks until the final crown comes back from the lab. In some cases a lab technician gets involved in order to achieve the proper aesthetics. All our crowns are bonded to the remaining tooth structure as opposed to simple cementing it into place as it usually happens with the metal ones.

Sometimes the dentist needs to restore the badly broken tooth with a build-up material. If the tooth is broken below the gum level or is too short the dentist will perform a procedure called crown lengthening in which more of the tooth is exposed by removing some of the gum tissue.

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