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TMJ and headaches London

TMJ and headaches

TMJ and headaches London

TMJ and Tension Headaches Treatment

Do you suffer from tension headaches? Did you ever think they can be related to TMJ disorders? How about neck and shoulder pain, ringing, clicking in the ear or hearing loss problems, vertigo, jaw and facial pain, noises in the joint? They can all be a direct result of muscle imbalance in the upper block of the body, poor posture and an ill-fitting bite. All of these conditions can be associated with TMJ disfunction, also known as TMD.

Secondary headaches can also be caused by sinus infections, viral and bacterial meningitis, brain tumor, visual deficiencies and other medical conditions. They require immediate medical attention.

Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum is an accomplished general and cosmetic dentist in London area who underwent extensive training in diagnosing and treating temporomandibular disorders (TMD). He uses his cross-training in orthodontics and advanced restorative and rehabilitation dentistry to provide optimum, physiologic treatment options, customized for individual patient conditions. Most recently he attended the courses at the prestigious LVI Centre for Advanced Dental Studies in Las Vegas in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry.

The best way to find out if your discomfort is caused by TMJ disorders is to speak with Dr Tetelbaum in person. Please call 519-266-3646 today to schedule a complimentary TMJ consult.

TMJ and Headaches treatment options in London with Dr Octavian Tetelbaum

New patients at Synergy Centre Dental as well as patients that present for their regular dentist appointments, are carefully screened through several assessments to identify a potential harmful situation that might originate with a bad bite. In case of a patient with positive symptoms associated with TMJ, a more in depth examination is required. It may include a thorough medical history that comprises also a sleep questionnaire, detailed TMJ and musculoskeletal examination. Dr Tetelbaum may also request an impression of the dental arches and a bite registration to study the jaw movement and pattern in great detail. Specialized joint radiographs (X-rays) might be needed to evaluate the joint in open and closed position. Using all this data, Dr Tetelbaum will be able to identify the reason for your headaches and provide you with a personalized approach to treat the condition.

Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum uses the neuromuscular principles to diagnose and treat the TMJ/TMD. A neuromuscular dentist understands the connection in between the muscles, ligaments and joints and ensures that your jaw is aligned and performs in a perfect physiological balance. Bringing the jaw in the proper position with the muscles and ligaments working harmoniously, will trigger a series of events that will facilitate a full body alignment.

If Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum identifies that the patient’s headaches are originating from a bad bite he will recommend a detailed treatment plan that generally has two phases. The Phase One is designed to help alleviate the painful symptoms of the London TMJ patient. The techniques used in Phase One include anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants, diet counseling and TENS (transcutaneal electrical nerve stimulation) to relax the joint muscles and reduce pain and swelling. In order to re-align the bite and prevent tooth grinding and clenching Dr Tetelbaum will use a neuromuscular dental orthotic. The orthotic is considerable superior to the regular night guards because it can reprogram your muscles to work in a physiologic way and not just protect your teeth. During Phase One, Dr Tetelbaum recommends that other healthcare practitioners be actively involved. Unique to London Ontario, the TMJ Patients at Synergy Centre have the opportunity to work with a TMJ specialized team of physiotherapy, chiropractic and registered massage therapy located in the same facility. This holistic approach ensures that the discomfort that TMJ disorder patients will be treated swiftly and that the effect on the general health is channeled properly.

Once the patient is free of symptoms and stable, Dr Tetelbaum will present the Phase Two treatment options necessary to correct the bite problem. As an experienced London TMJ treatment specialist, Dr Tetelbaum may include gentle tooth re-contouring (enameloplasty) to adjust the bite or orthodontic treatment to correct crooked, malpositioned teeth that generate stress in the jaws. In some instances in which the teeth are badly damaged by the TMJ disorder, metal-free, ceramic restoration will be indicated and even replacing the missing or non-restorable teeth with dental implants. Some TMJ patients might benefit from orthognatic and TMJ surgical procedures while others will require a combination of all of the above.

Treating TMJ and Headaches with Top London Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum

TMJ treatment is as unique as the patient is. There is no one treatment option that applies to all TMJ/TMD patients. The science and understanding of the functionality and derangement in the TMJ complex is continuously changing. The TMJ is a unique double hinge type of joint, one of the most complex in our body. It makes sense that in the treatment of a joint, allied health practitioners be involved like the physiotherapist, chiropractor and the massage therapist. Dr Tetelbaum underwent extensive post grad training in dental restorative, rehabilitation, advanced functional cosmetics and orthodontics that allows him provide the TMJ patients with a complete area of treatment options.

Dr. Octavian Tetelbaum and his professional TMJ disorder team at Synergy Centre are devoted to ensuring excellence in their patient care, helping the patients reach their desired dental goals. This unique, synergistic approach in London, Ontario has proven to be successful in treating patients with tension headaches generated by a misaligned bite.

To learn more about TMJ /TMD headache treatment options in London, Ontario, and see if you are a candidate for neuromuscular dentistry to relieve your symptoms, please book a complimentary TMJ consultation with Dr Octavian Tetelbaum at Synergy Centre: (519) 266-3646.

Coming soon: Botox treatment for headaches provided by Dr Maria Tetelbaum MD, CCFP

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