Do you want to live a longer, healthier, happier life ….. SMILE

It is true! Research showed that people that smile more are more successful in life and they have a higher level of satisfaction in regards to their life. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise. If we look around us we’ll notice that most people that we consider having a meaningful, successful life, smile more and they appear happier.

So, what’s keeping us from smiling more? Is it the fact that we find it hard in within us reasons to smile or is it that we are not confident enough to show our pearly whites that holds us back? A lot of times it is both and they are interconnected. Well, fear no more because there are simple, effective and cost efficient dental procedures that will make you smile.

Top 3 dental procedures that will make your smile glamorous:

Tooth whitening: it is the simplest, fastest, least expensive procedure that will improve the shade of your teeth. We really recommend the in-office whitening because that’s the only way to have perfect control over the conditions. The Zoom tm system for instance, allows the dental professional to proficiently cover all sensitive areas, protect the lips and gums and apply the perfect amount of whitening agent. The intensity and time of the whitening procedure is controlled by the operator and at the end, the patient will receive a desensitizing gel that will reduce the normal sensitivity associated with whitening. Different types of discolouration will have a different degree of shade improvement but overall the results are amazing.

Tooth straightening: Crooked teeth not only are they unsightly, but they also appear darker and increase the chance for tooth decay and gum disease. A smile will appear whiter when the teeth are perfectly aligned because there is more tooth surface reflecting the ambient light to the person in front of us. Straight teeth are also easier to clean, therefore less prone to decay or gum disease. Invisalign and modern braces systems make tooth straightening easy, predictable and quite fast. As a bonus result, most patients undergoing Invisalign treatment report weight loss while their oral hygiene increased. There is an overall healthier response from the entire body.

Dental veneers: represent the ultimate smile enhancement procedure. It allows the dentist to dramatically change the appearance of the smile by personalizing the shape, size and shade of the teeth. Dental veneers have been used for more than 30 years and the retention rate is over 90%. The newer ceramic materials used to produce dental veneers are extremely thin, only 0.3-0.7 mm, which theoretically eliminates the need for dental anesthetic. In the hands of an experienced team dentist-dental technician, dental veneers will produce that fantastic smile that we all want in as little as two sessions.

Too often cosmetic procedures have been associated with vanity but in reality, looking good and feeling good and confident about ourselves has a beneficial health impact on both mental and physical aspect. It has been proven by so many research papers and it has been our experience at Synergy as well. Nothing should stay in between you and the smile that you deserve.

Be happier and SMILE!

Dr Tetelbaum is a general dentist practicing in within Synergy Centre with a special interest in beauty and health as whole / changing lives one smile at a time . For a complementary consult call 519-266-3646.