Implant Retained Crowns and Dentures London, ON

Are you teeth worn out, beyond repair to the point that you cannot function properly or you are hiding your smile? Do you have dentures that do not fit properly and move too much because of the bone loss? Well end the suffering because there is a solution!

By combining surgical skills with advanced aesthetic denture fabricating techniques, Dr Tetelbaum regularly achieves results not possible with conventional dentures. Placing implants in strategic areas of the mouth we can predictably and proficiently secure the dentures restoring the function and the aesthetics.

Currently there are few options available for denture patients:

  1. Conventional dentures - 20-40 % efficiency of natural dentition. These are basic acrylic dentures fitted to the current gum position. They present a decreased functioning ability due to the dentures being tissue/gum supported. In time the bone resorbs under the unnatural pressure and the dentures need to be relined, readapted to the new bone situation. They develop in time the classic “sunken-in” look to the face.
  2. Snap on implant retained dentures: 50-60% efficiency. They require a minimum of two ideally four implants that either have a button latching attachment (Locator) or a bar that the denture rides on. It is much more stable and the bone loss is reduced. It is an economical way to have dentures that will offer you good functionality.
  3. Non-removable implant retained dentures - 90% efficiency These dentures are screw retained to 4 or more implants (All on 4). They have the advantage of being intimately connected to the implants. The dentist will clean them from time to time by unscrewing the denture from the implants. These are premium dentures that restore both teeth and bone lost that have a natural look and function.

If you are at the point of needing dentures and you are concerned about the feel and the look of them or have dentures that you are unhappy with the function or the aesthetics they provide, we have the solution to make your problem go away. We will help you make the right decision for you with optimal results.