White Dental Fillings London, ON

Dental fillings represent the most frequent procedure done in a dental office. The composite filling material has the same colour with your teeth and properties that mimic the tooth structure. There are numerous white filling materials, varying in quality and price. In our office we use several types of white filling materials, some are stronger and are used in the chewing areas, some are more aesthetic and are used in the smile area, some work better around the gum area and some work better in the deeper area of the tooth. Among the advantages of the composite restorations is that they are physically and chemically bonded to the tooth structure and they are mercury free and metal free.

White dental fillings are used to fill small to medium cavities or to build-up broken teeth. When the cavity is too large the dentist will advise you to opt for a stronger material like ceramic. We invested in technology that allows us to find caries lesions at their initial stages so that the treatment is as conservative as possible. In ideal cases the fillings are superficial and often do not require freezing. We call them preventive fillings. When the decay penetrated the dentine, a local anesthetic is routinely used for the patient comfort. Whenever possible, the restorative procedure will be performed under the isolation of the rubber-dam, an elastic, thin sheet of material that will protect the patient from the slurry water and also will keep the cheek and the tongue away allowing for a dry environment, crucial for a proper bond of the composite filling material. It is specifically important in order to keep away the mercury from the old silver fillings from being ingested.

If you are interested to find out what is the best dental filling material or option for your specific case don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.